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Cavity wall insulation

Save money & stay warm

KNW-cavity-wall-insulationYour home’s fuel bill is a major household expense, yet up to half of the heat in your home goes straight outside through the walls. Cavity wall insulation can stop up to 2/3 of this heat loss, resulting in warmer homes and lower fuel bills.  Houses built around 1930 onwards will likely be one of the eleven million that are suitable for cavity wall insulation. It is a permanent, maintenance free home improvement, lasting for the life of the building.

How does it work?

Cavity wall insulation acts like a radiator storing the heat within the inner walls, bouncing it back into the room and holding it in for longer. This should ensure a more even temperature around your home.

How is it installed?

Small holes about the size of a 10p piece are drilled into your walls and then Rockwool mineral fibre is blown into the space between the brickwork. These holes are then repointed and colour matched wherever possible to the existing wall. Installation is simple, trouble-free and generally takes less that half a day to carry out.

Fully guaranteed

KNW’s cavity wall insulation service comes with an independent 25 year guarantee from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA). KNW is a member of the British Board of Agrément, so materials & installation procedures are maintained to British Standards.

How much will it cost?

You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is to have your walls insulated with KNW. Householders on a qualifying benefit may be able to access Government and other funding to receive insulation installed free of charge. Currently there are grants available for domestic properties that will fund up to 100% of the cost.  Ask us today which grants are available in your area.

Industry-leading materials

KNW typically installs cavity wall insulation made out of mineral wool, supplied by all of the leading manufacturers.

The material has been thoroughly tested in all types of climates and degrees of exposure, and is resistant to water penetration, rot, fungi and vermin.

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